Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch my dog whilst he is with you?

We have a window from reception into the arenas so you can see what your dog gets up to, and you can even watch them on our live webcam feed

What happens if my dog doesn't want to get out of the car?

Some dogs find leaving their owners difficult, no matter how much fun they have at the Centre. Dogs enjoy their routine so a break from routine may cause temporary upset, but they soon cheer up when playing with their friends. All dogs are carefully supervised and if any dog does seem unhappy or stressed you will be notified immediately and together we can find a solution to resolve the problem.

What should I bring with my dog?

You just need to bring your dog along with his or her usual collar and lead. We don’t need toy,s bowls or bedding – we have our own. All our equipment is hygienically cleaned at the end of each day with pet safe products, ensuring there is no risk of contamination.

What happens if my dog is injured during the visit?

Every team member has extensive experience with dogs and we ensure they are supervised at all times. In the extremely unlikely event of injury we will provide appropriate treatment and let you know exactly what happened straight away.

Will my dog be fed during the visit?

That depends on what time you would normally feed your dog. We can feed your dog his or her normal meal if required. If you would like him or her fed, please bring the food along clearly labelled in a lunch box or sandwich bag and let us know what time you would prefer your dog to be fed and how you prefer to feed (for example, soaking kibble).

We prefer not to feed the dogs during their visit to the Centres. This is because they need to be isolated for about 45 minutes to an hour both before and after feeding to prevent gastric dilation-volvulus (GDV) which may be connected to exercise during feeding. We also make sure that every dog is fed alone to avoid arguments over food and to make sure your dog receives the correct meal.

What to expect when you collect your dog

Just like collecting your child from a school trip, your dog will be very excited to see you. Your dog will probably be desperate to communicate to you all about his day and this most frequently translates into excitement in the Reception area. Once the greeting is over, your dog is likely to be very tired from having fun and will choose to sleep it off. This is perfectly normal because even though they are rested it is still a busy day for them – much more fun than being at home alone all day

My dog is really small, will she have to meet big dogs?

Safety is always on our minds! Our team spend time getting to know every dog as an individual (as well as spending one on one time with our new guests, we have an extensive enrolment form), this allows us to ensure your dog finds the perfect friends!
We don’t take any risk and never mix boisterous dogs with shy dogs or small dogs.
All dogs are carefully assessed on their first visit. They are observed at all times every time they visit. All dogs will only spend their time with appropriate other dogs. Very small dogs will not be mixed with large or boisterous dogs.

There are lots of other day care centres for dogs. Why should I choose Doodley Dogs?

Our team are highly trained and qualified. We invest time training every single member of the team. We even have a Training Academy to ensure we are up to date with the latest information and guidance!
We are all First Aid qualified and every member of our team has either gained a qualification in Animal Care or is working towards one.
We also have full time Behaviourists working at both Centres.

We are access all areas and welcome you to visit anytime to check up on your beloved pet (our webcams give you access to the action anytime you choose).

No expense is spared in providing every dog with high quality care. Our environment is the safest you will find.