Covid 19 Operating Policy for Customers

Following government guidelines we have created the following policy. This policy will remain in place for foreseeable future.

Our absolute priority is to ensure our usual outstanding customer service whilst reducing the risk to both customers and our team.

  • Our team will always have clean uniform, at the end of the shift they will change into alternative clothing.
  • We will always wash our hands every half an hour and every time we handle your dog, this will be for a minimum of 30 seconds. We will also have a sanitising station available to you at the front desk.
  • We ask that all harnesses are removed before handing your dog over. This is to avoid us having to touch the harness ourselves. We always remove harnesses when your dog goes into the play arena for safety.

We have introduced 3 options for everybody:

Option 1 (for dogs that are comfortable being handled by our team)

  • Please call ahead to make us aware you are on your way, you will be asked to pay over the phone at this point if you pay as you go.
  • When you park our team will approach your car and collect your dog from the boot, using a Doodley lead.
  • Your dog will then be treated in the usual way.
  • Our team will sanitise their hands.
  • At the end of the day please call us to let us know you have arrived (or are on your way).
  • We will bring your dog out as normal but use our own lead. Please can you swap your lead over when your dog gets to you.
  • We can bring your dog out to your car if you would prefer.

Option 2 (Crawley only)

  • When you arrive please press the buzzer and our team will come out to meet you.
  • We will use our own lead to collect your dog from your car where possible.
  • If your dog is wearing a harness please can you remove it. Collar can be left on.
  • Continue with option 1 from point 3.

Option 3 (multiple dogs, heavy dogs, reactive dogs)

  • Please enter the shop as normal, ensuring social distancing from other customers.
  • We will use our own leads to collect your dogs and then return to the counter using social distancing measures.
  • Please remove your dogs harness for us if they wear one.

This policy hasn't been set out to terrify or confuse anyone, we are all daunted by grocery shopping now! Please give us a ring if you have concerns at all (Storrington 01903 741713, Crawley 01293 510151)

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When contacting us about careers please include your preferred Centre (Storrington, Crawley or any) and brief details on your customer service and dog experience (if any). Please let us know whether you are looking for part-time, full-time or weekend work and whether you can be flexible with hours