We're the first creche of our kind in the UK
Where we lead, others follow!

Training Well Behaved Dogs

We're not just passionate,
we're experts too.

Founded by Jane and Amy Hatcher, they developed the Doodley Dogs concept based on her extensive experience as one of the UK's leading dog behaviourists.

They run very popular obedience and training classes for all dogs at every level of experience.

Book early to avoid disappointment!

Doodley Dogs Counter

One stop shop for all your pet needs.

Our shops have all a dog and cat could ever need. Our staff are trained in pet nutrition to guide you through our selection of superior pet foods.

State-of-the-art comfort for your precious little ones.

We don't like to brag (but we will.) No expense has been spared to ensure that their visit is clean, fun and comfortable…

Doodley Dogs window

Bringing the outside in

Fresh air is pumped in constantly, and our skylights let in the lovely daylight.

Magic Lamps. No really!

Our infra-read heaters keep their bodies nice and warm, even if the air feels cold.

A spring in their step

Our suspended sprung floor protects their joints. It's like they're wearing trainers!

Introducing Wee Trees™

Our clever trees don't just look pretty, they drain nasty wees away for improved hygiene.

Wee Tree


Our rest areas have diffusers gently filling the room with calming pheromones and fresh bedding at all times.

Nee Nor Nee Nor…

We have fully qualified First Aiders on site at all times.


We are delighted to be Finalists for The National Dog Day Care of the Year 2018.