Running with the pack

Here at Doodley Dogs we place a strong emphasis on dogs as pack animals. It's nature's way.

Dogs are naturally sociable animals, and in the wild will usually form packs.

There are all sorts of negative connotations of 'packs of dogs' as dangerous and noisy, but they are in fact relatively calm and social structures.

It's healthy for your dog to interact with his own kind and it's important for every dog to have the opportunity to "speak dog" regularly.

Most doggy clients integrate nicely into our carefully organised packs, and play happily all day. You'll find that after a day with us your dog will have had so much fun that he'll be so tired out he won't even need to be walked.

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What happens at Doodley?

During the day your dog will be introduced carefully and patiently to a range of other dogs with the intention of ending up in the main arena where he will be sure to make lots of friends and get plenty of exercise. We take time to build up your dog’s confidence, making sure he feels comfortable at all times.

Not all dogs possess good social skills but all dogs do have the ability to learn how to socialise and interact appropriately. If your dog does not get along with other dogs, please speak to the behaviour team as with the proper training most dogs can overcome this problem. We feel it’s important for your dog to be able to socialise and communicate well with other dogs as a human can never provide the same companionship as another dog.

If there is a reason why you do not want your dog to socialise, we can still look after your dog and provide superior care. We will carefully select an appropriate dog for him or her to play with away from the main pack, or one of the team can keep your dog company during his visit.

Your dog will be able to play and socialise for the duration of his stay. We don’t confine ANY dog and ensure they all receive an appropriate amount of exercise.

No need to book. Just turn up!

Our Prices

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Day Care

Introduction Tour FREE! - - -
Half day (5hrs) £10.99 £18.99 £9.49 each £26.49 £8.83 each £32.99 £8.24 each
Daily pass £21.99 £37.99 £18.99 each £52.99 £17.66 each £65.99 £16.49 each

Multi Savers

5 day passes £94.99 £18.99 each - - -
10 day passes £189.99 £18.99 each £179.99 £17.99 each - -
20 day passes - £359.99 £17.99 each - -

Training & Behaviour

Group Training £10 per class - - -
Behaviour 1 on 1 Price on application - - -
We have 2 centres around Sussex and more to come!

Unit 19, Robell Way
Water Lane Trading Estate
West Sussex RH20 3DN
T: 01903 741713

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Unit 3, 4, Dial Post Park
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Day Care Opening Hours
Mon - Fri
Please contact the centre for
the latest class information.
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